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  The world is a mosaic , the whole world is a mosaic of beliefs, languages, from different communities, and the question is not whether we can make them live together, the question is how we will make them to live together, because we have no choice.

  Amin Maalouf

This quote sums up perfectly the feeling that, somehow, dominates our time. This is in response to this « mal du siècle »  such as intolerance, obscurantism and isolationism, that culture and especially arts must build bridges between peoples.

In the international and multicultural context in which we operate, knowledge of History and Arts is fundamental to understand the changing world. As we work towards the dissemination of knowledge and works of art with a wide and varied audience, curious to discover art around us and learn from them the history of where we live.

About Zellij

The Zellij (or zellige) refers to the technique of mosaic tiled patterns decorating the Maghreb-Andalusian architecture for centuries. The typical technique of western Islamic world has become a major feature of the architectural ornament, polychrome and geometric. It is the notion of polychrome mosaic that is important here, because it is a reflection of its anonymous designers from different cultures, backgrounds and faiths, who have worked together to create these masterpieces. These are the values ​​that guide our work in our agency.

ZELLIJ is a French language cultural agency born from the collaboration between art historians Assia Salah and Laura Gutman within the agency ICLEA. It offers high-quality cultural services led by experienced professionals. Our range of products goes from traditional museum visit to the event organization, exhibitions curating and publications in Art History.

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